International Acquisition Group Understands Business Practices

International Acquisition Group has more than 60 workers who analyze businesses across the nation to determine if they are qualified to be part of their database. Those dozens of analysts have helped sellers and buyers through hundreds of business transactions in many different industries. The professionals at International Acquisition Group are trained to determine whether the sellers have a good chance of being successful with the buyer group. During the process the team at International Acquisition Group also educates sellers on the process of how to sell their businesses. The Sales Process with International Acquisitions Group is a four-step process that prepares and markets the business that is for sale.

The first step that International Acquisition Group uses to prepare a business for sale is analysis and valuation. This will help the business get ready to sell by analyzing the business including the financials and the team at International Acquisition Group will help to determine if anything else can be done to enhance the value of the business. The valuation will determine a fair asking price and justify the value of your business to potential buyers who have been prequalified by International Acquisition Group.

The second step in International Acquisition Group’s preparation is marketing preparation. Once you reach an agreement on what a fair asking price would be, International Acquisition Group will assist in creating a marketing plan and marketing materials that will be used to attract buyers.

International Acquisition Group’s third step is advertising. International Acquisition Group will add your business to their database in an attempt to match it with one of their prequalified buyers. In addition International Acquisition Group will list the business on multiple sites including one that specializes in attracting serious buyers.

The final and most important step in International Acquisition Group’s process is the transaction. This includes screening of potential buyers and then introducing those buyers to the business. When there is interest from a buyer, a deal is structured by the team at International Acquisitions Group. International Acquisition Group will be with you every step of the way to help you sell your business.

International Acquisition Group makes the process of buying and selling a business as quick and painless as possible. Because the professionals at International Acquisition Group prequalify their potential buyers there are no last minute surprises while you are finalizing the deal. The team at International Acquisition Group has over a century of combined experience and assists their clients in negotiating a rewarding transaction. International Acquisition Group will be with you every step of the way, from the presale valuation of your business to tax planning to finalizing the deal.

For more than 25 years, International Acquisition Group has partnered with owners of privately held companies to find them qualified buyers. International Acquisition Group is a leader in the industry that helps sellers cash in on their hard work, getting the best possible payoff for selling their business. In the industry, International Acquisition Group is known for negotiating a fair market price based on third-party valuations, so buyers know they are getting a good deal. Even if this is your first business transaction, the professionals at International Acquisition Group will walk you through the process.

International Acquisitions Group is a business intermediary consulting firm that assists in the buying and selling of businesses all over the world. International Acquisition Group is known for providing quality matches to business owners who are interested in selling their business. Because International Acquisition Group has done a great deal of prequalification of the buyers, they have reduced the risk to their clients. International Acquisition Group has analyzed and screened hundreds of buyers and sellers who are now in their extensive database.  The professionals at International Acquisition Group pride themselves on matching the perfect buyer or seller for each business and on making the transaction go as smoothly as possible for both sides. International Acquisition Group makes the process of buying and selling a business as quick and painless as possible for everyone involved.

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Through using national and international advertising and electronic media, International Acquisition Group is able to find the best buyers who are the most serious about buying a business.  International Acquisition Group is dedicated to searching the world for qualified buyers who will match their seller’s needs. By using national and international advertising and electronic media International Acquisition Group will reach up to 200 million people every quarter. International Acquisition Group uses its extensive database and matches sellers with specific, interested buyers through certain criteria including location and price. International Acquisitions Group is able to reach businesses across the nation including places where sellers may have a more difficult time finding buyers.

International Acquisition Group’s database is the focal point of their strategic marketing plan. By having this list of qualified individuals and businesses available International Acquisition Group is able to match their clients with the right buyer at the right time. By keeping this list updated International Acquisition Group is never left searching for qualified buyers for their clients. International Acquisition Group will have preselected buyers for their clients to look at and they will have choices when it comes to selling their business. International Acquisition Group understands that selling a business is stressful enough; having this database is one way that they can help ease that burden. International Acquisition Group continues to expand their database of qualified buyers from around the world by searching out the best buyers near and far. It is this database that truly sets International Acquisition Group apart from their competition. Through the use and maintenance of this database, International Acquisition Group is able to reach around the world to find the right buyers to match with their clients. Because of International Acquisition Group’s extensive reach around the world, even sellers who have had a difficult time locating buyers will see offers for their business come in quickly.

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International Acquisition Group is dedicated to searching the world through their extensive database for qualified buyers. The team at International Acquisition Group has many third-party valuations teams who will ensure that they have the most accurate value for the businesses that they are listing. The in-house optimization team at International Acquisition Group is dedicated to maximizing a company’s potential to the benefit of both parties involved in the sale.

The management team at International Acquisition Group understands the importance of finding qualified potential buyers when you are looking to sell your business. Many other companies fail to properly qualify the buyers that they attempt to match with their clients. International Acquisition Group is very selective when adding new potential buyers to their database. Each of the potential buyers that International Acquisition Group enters in their database has been evaluated to make sure that they are serious about purchasing a business, and that they are financially qualified.

Once you have decided to put your business on the market with International Acquisition Group the team will work with you to determine the value. International Acquisition Group uses many forms of advertising and electronic media to reach thousands of qualified prospective buyers and match you with the right buyer. When a business is put up for sale, it will be entered in International Acquisition Group’s database to be matched with a seller based on criteria such as business activity, location and asking price. Because of International Acquisition Group’s extensive reach across the world, even sellers who have had a difficult time locating buyers will see results from being part of the database.

Both buyers and sellers must meet International Acquisition Group’s strict qualifications to be matched. International Acquisition Group is more interested in making a quality match than making a sale. Once International Acquisition Group is confident that the match is a quality one they will begin structuring the deal.

As every business owner knows, it is imperative to find a niche, that special little slice of the market that only your company covers. Sometimes you seek that niche out for yourself, and sometimes the niche finds you. For Dallas mergers and acquisitions firm International Acquisition Group, that niche has developed over the company’s 25 years in business into one in which they have almost total control, a very unique position in the market and an ability that most other firms cannot match. International Acquisition Group’s networking ability includes a roster of buyers across the country and around the world, enabling the company to match sellers with buyers from different regions and different markets, finding a fit in sometimes unlikely places. This ability has made International Acquisition Group the leader in their market and a company with clout.

Leveraging this unique positioning with a dedication to client satisfaction unmatched in the industry, International Acquisition Group leads at the forefront of M&A year after year. In 2013 International Acquisition Group has already brokered several notable deals, including a sale of Rainbow Press to Safeguard that went from start to finish in just six months.

International Acquisition Group got to this point through a marketing strategy that involves mixed media and international exposure, resulting in nearly 200 million views for their company. That kind of exposure has been a great blessing for International Acquisition Group and has enabled them to corner the market on small and medium M&A by developing their own niche.

Jason Hullender has every reason to be proud. As the president of leading mergers and acquisitions firm International Acquisition Group, he spearheads one of the industry’s top performers and a company with a reputation for excellence through and through. Yet, if anything, Hullender is humble about his company’s performance, stating simply that he is very proud of what International Acquisition Group has built over the years and what it seeks to build going forward.


Described as a “business intermediary consulting firm,” International Acquisition Group specializes in brokering sales between small and medium sized companies. International Acquisition Group is based out of Dallas TX, but has a client base that is active both nationwide and international. Part of the unique appeal of International Acquisition Group’s market niche is its ability to connect buyers and sellers across regions, across markets, and internationally, pairing the right buyer with the right seller every time.


Hullender has been with International Acquisition Group for 20 of the company’s 25 years in business, so he is intimately familiar with the workings of the industry and what it takes to get a deal to go through. Already, 2013 has been a high water mark for International Acquisition Group, with the company having brokered several high profile acquisitions including the sale of Rainbow Press to Safeguard, a deal that from start to finish took only six months. Business shows no signs of slowing down, either, according to Hullender; the rest of the year promises still more deals for International Acquisition Group and their clients.

Dallas-based mergers and acquisitions company International Acquisition Group has had a banner year thus far, and is looking forward to continued success in the second half of 2013. Already this year, International Acquisition Group has brokered several big time deals: they have helped Omaha printer Rainbow Press sell their business, finding a great buyer in Safeguard; negotiated mutually favorable terms between L&L Van Lines and buyer Sean Hamilton; gotten the owners of Nick’s Custom Boots a great deal in their sale to a private individual; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. International Acquisition Group plans to continue in the same vein going forward, continuing to use their market-best networking abilities to find the perfect match for their selling clients.


With 25 years the industry, International Acquisition Group has had plenty of experience brokering deals, and their expertise shows through in their dealings with their clients. Clients of International Acquisition Group, as a whole, express some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction around. This is likely due to International Acquisition Group’s unique positioning in the market, enabling them to utilize their nationwide and international base of potential buyers to get sellers into markets they would otherwise be unable to find on their own.


International Acquisition Group takes pride in their reputation for excellence and their longstanding tradition of dedication to client satisfaction. A business owner looking to get the most from the sale of their company would do well to seek out the services of International Acquisition Group.

When Omaha printer Rainbow Press Inc. decided it was time to sell their successful printing business, they had little trouble deciding where to turn to get a deal brokered. Rainbow had heard of the reputation of International Acquisition Group for putting the client first and negotiating a speedy deal, but they could not have foreseen the results that they got. Within the span of six months, International Acquisition Group had brokered the sale of Rainbow to Safeguard Business Systems Inc. from start to finish, at terms mutually agreeable to both parties.

Though the speed of this deal is remarkable, it is not out of line for International Acquisition Group, a company that has long held a reputation for client satisfaction and unparalleled professionalism. All told, International Acquisition Group has been operating at this high standard for 25 years, and its management team has a full century of combined experience; these traits are the result of lots of hard work, and they have led International Acquisition Group to a position of dominance in the field. International Acquisition Group’s competitive edge comes from their extensive client base, with the ability to match buyers and sellers from vastly different markets using their highly developed networks.

International Acquisition Group provides a full-service operation including consulting services, third-party valuation, and financial support for the transactions they help broker. Rainbow is the latest client who will agree that International Acquisition Group is the destination for the company that is looking to sell at the best possible terms.

As the economy recovers and International Acquisition Group sees business sales and investing return to an annual increase, it is increasingly important for businessmen to know that their information is secure and being held strictly confidential as they weigh their next moves. International Acquisition Group knows full well that a businessman does not want to tip their hand regarding the future of their company; therefore, everything from product releases to selling the company is treated with a high degree of security.

International Acquisition Group works hard to accommodate the clandestine nature of its clients, welcoming the opportunity to be involved in confidential decision-making. When a client comes on to work with International Acquisition Group, it is understood that anything the client deems as confidential will remain so for the duration of International Acquisition Group’s involvement with them. This level of confidentiality allows clients to rest a bit easier, knowing that International Acquisition Group will not go and tell their corporate secrets to their competitors. International Acquisition Group‘s twenty-five year history is proof of their dedication to client confidentiality.

When the time comes for a businessperson to sell their business, it becomes even more important to be confidential in the planning stages. International Acquisition Group helps business owners create detailed exit strategies, helping them walk through the process of turning their business over to someone else and walking away with the best cash prize possible. International Acquisition Group knows that business owners do not want to worry their employees during the process and ensures that the search for a buyer does not reach the media or the ears of other businesses. For International Acquisition Group, each client’s secrets are equally sacred. International Acquisition Group is proud of its ability to contact potential buyers while maintaining client confidentiality and has developed methods of accomplishing everything a client could need while still keeping their secrets.

Buying a business can be a long, drawn out process; contracts have to be ironed out, negotiated, and frequently renegotiated before both sides are satisfied. For small businesses that are looking to sell, this process can be a terrifying prospect. Small businesses know that they are not equipped to take on the legal teams of larger buyers and, as such, often wonder if they could do better than the offers they receive. Fortunately for small business owners, International Acquisition Group is there and is ready to fight on their behalf. International Acquisition Group knows how to close deals, having worked in the merger and acquisitions trade for twenty-five years. The wealth of experience that International Acquisition Group has gained has given them insight into industry habits and market trends, allowing them to give an accurate picture of the situation to the small business owners whom they represent.

Through this accurate picture, International Acquisition Group’s clients are able to see whether they are being offered a fair price or if they can get more for their businesses than what they are offered. International Acquisition Group’s clients know that they have a great advocate on their side in the form of International Acquisition Group and are able to rest easy when a price is decided, knowing that they are getting the best possible price when they finally sell.

International Acquisition Group has seen business deals fall apart due to all different types of problems. As International Acquisition Group has grown, it has developed ways to handle the vast majority of these problems, leading to an unprecedented success rate of nearly seventy five percent of its accounts selling and finalizing. International Acquisition Group is incredibly proud of this number and hopes that other small business owners will see it and know that they are well represented when International Acquisition Group is involved.