International Acquisition Group Understands Business Practices

International Acquisition Group has more than 60 workers who analyze businesses across the nation to determine if they are qualified to be part of their database. Those dozens of analysts have helped sellers and buyers through hundreds of business transactions in many different industries. The professionals at International Acquisition Group are trained to determine whether the sellers have a good chance of being successful with the buyer group. During the process the team at International Acquisition Group also educates sellers on the process of how to sell their businesses. The Sales Process with International Acquisitions Group is a four-step process that prepares and markets the business that is for sale.

The first step that International Acquisition Group uses to prepare a business for sale is analysis and valuation. This will help the business get ready to sell by analyzing the business including the financials and the team at International Acquisition Group will help to determine if anything else can be done to enhance the value of the business. The valuation will determine a fair asking price and justify the value of your business to potential buyers who have been prequalified by International Acquisition Group.

The second step in International Acquisition Group’s preparation is marketing preparation. Once you reach an agreement on what a fair asking price would be, International Acquisition Group will assist in creating a marketing plan and marketing materials that will be used to attract buyers.

International Acquisition Group’s third step is advertising. International Acquisition Group will add your business to their database in an attempt to match it with one of their prequalified buyers. In addition International Acquisition Group will list the business on multiple sites including one that specializes in attracting serious buyers.

The final and most important step in International Acquisition Group’s process is the transaction. This includes screening of potential buyers and then introducing those buyers to the business. When there is interest from a buyer, a deal is structured by the team at International Acquisitions Group. International Acquisition Group will be with you every step of the way to help you sell your business.


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