International Acquisition Group Understands Business Practices

When Omaha printer Rainbow Press Inc. decided it was time to sell their successful printing business, they had little trouble deciding where to turn to get a deal brokered. Rainbow had heard of the reputation of International Acquisition Group for putting the client first and negotiating a speedy deal, but they could not have foreseen the results that they got. Within the span of six months, International Acquisition Group had brokered the sale of Rainbow to Safeguard Business Systems Inc. from start to finish, at terms mutually agreeable to both parties.

Though the speed of this deal is remarkable, it is not out of line for International Acquisition Group, a company that has long held a reputation for client satisfaction and unparalleled professionalism. All told, International Acquisition Group has been operating at this high standard for 25 years, and its management team has a full century of combined experience; these traits are the result of lots of hard work, and they have led International Acquisition Group to a position of dominance in the field. International Acquisition Group’s competitive edge comes from their extensive client base, with the ability to match buyers and sellers from vastly different markets using their highly developed networks.

International Acquisition Group provides a full-service operation including consulting services, third-party valuation, and financial support for the transactions they help broker. Rainbow is the latest client who will agree that International Acquisition Group is the destination for the company that is looking to sell at the best possible terms.


As the economy recovers and International Acquisition Group sees business sales and investing return to an annual increase, it is increasingly important for businessmen to know that their information is secure and being held strictly confidential as they weigh their next moves. International Acquisition Group knows full well that a businessman does not want to tip their hand regarding the future of their company; therefore, everything from product releases to selling the company is treated with a high degree of security.

International Acquisition Group works hard to accommodate the clandestine nature of its clients, welcoming the opportunity to be involved in confidential decision-making. When a client comes on to work with International Acquisition Group, it is understood that anything the client deems as confidential will remain so for the duration of International Acquisition Group’s involvement with them. This level of confidentiality allows clients to rest a bit easier, knowing that International Acquisition Group will not go and tell their corporate secrets to their competitors. International Acquisition Group‘s twenty-five year history is proof of their dedication to client confidentiality.

When the time comes for a businessperson to sell their business, it becomes even more important to be confidential in the planning stages. International Acquisition Group helps business owners create detailed exit strategies, helping them walk through the process of turning their business over to someone else and walking away with the best cash prize possible. International Acquisition Group knows that business owners do not want to worry their employees during the process and ensures that the search for a buyer does not reach the media or the ears of other businesses. For International Acquisition Group, each client’s secrets are equally sacred. International Acquisition Group is proud of its ability to contact potential buyers while maintaining client confidentiality and has developed methods of accomplishing everything a client could need while still keeping their secrets.

Buying a business can be a long, drawn out process; contracts have to be ironed out, negotiated, and frequently renegotiated before both sides are satisfied. For small businesses that are looking to sell, this process can be a terrifying prospect. Small businesses know that they are not equipped to take on the legal teams of larger buyers and, as such, often wonder if they could do better than the offers they receive. Fortunately for small business owners, International Acquisition Group is there and is ready to fight on their behalf. International Acquisition Group knows how to close deals, having worked in the merger and acquisitions trade for twenty-five years. The wealth of experience that International Acquisition Group has gained has given them insight into industry habits and market trends, allowing them to give an accurate picture of the situation to the small business owners whom they represent.

Through this accurate picture, International Acquisition Group’s clients are able to see whether they are being offered a fair price or if they can get more for their businesses than what they are offered. International Acquisition Group’s clients know that they have a great advocate on their side in the form of International Acquisition Group and are able to rest easy when a price is decided, knowing that they are getting the best possible price when they finally sell.

International Acquisition Group has seen business deals fall apart due to all different types of problems. As International Acquisition Group has grown, it has developed ways to handle the vast majority of these problems, leading to an unprecedented success rate of nearly seventy five percent of its accounts selling and finalizing. International Acquisition Group is incredibly proud of this number and hopes that other small business owners will see it and know that they are well represented when International Acquisition Group is involved.

International Acquisition Group is well aware of the many challenges facing business owners who are trying to sell in today’s economy. After seeing a twenty-eight percent decline in the market in 2008 and 2009, many business owners are skeptical about the idea of selling their business. Most feel that they will not be able to turn a profit if they do sell; while others do not believe that there is an investor out there interested in their niche business. To both of these categories, International Acquisition Group responds with a strong negative. International Acquisition Group prides itself on its ability to supply a list of qualified buyers for its clients.

This list is generated from a constantly updated database of buyers that International Acquisition Group is in contact with. By working directly with the buyers, International Acquisition Group is able to have an inside look into what types of business are in demand and is able to push those buyers toward the corresponding businesses. International Acquisition Group constantly updates their database of buyers and is always looking for new ways to network with investors so that they can call them in the future with buying opportunities.

International Acquisition Group has seen a steady increase in the frequency of purchases in the market since the end of 2010 and expects this trend to continue growing as time goes by. Because International Acquisition Group has been observing this trend for some time, it has worked hard to build up its database of buyers in preparation for the increased number of sellers it expects. International Acquisition Group is happy to say that each potential buyer that it presents to its clients has been thoroughly screened and checked out so that the client can have a serious discussion with the buyer knowing that they are truly interested in the sale.

International Acquisition Group understands that small businesses are frequently built as a labor of love by their owners. In these cases, it is frequently very difficult to let go of the business and allow another person to take it over. International Acquisition Group works directly with the owners of small businesses and helps them create viable and well-crafted exit strategies. International Acquisition Group works to ensure that business owners can phase themselves out of the business at the right time, ensuring that they receive the proper payment for their company by selling at the right time, and helping them streamline the sales process. As the market increases in opportunity, International Acquisition Group hopes to see many more business owners approach them about building exit strategies for the future.

International Acquisition Group wants to make sure that business owners do not fall into the common trap of holding on to their business for too long. While International Acquisition Group understands that businessmen want to keep what they have worked hard to build, the team at International Acquisition Group does not want to see a situation in which someone is forced to sell at a lower price later on due to an emergency or other mitigating factors. Because of this desire, International Acquisition Group tries to create plans for businessmen, helping them understand when in their timeline they should consider selling off their business so that they can maximize profit and have the resources to do other things and start new ventures.

International Acquisition Group emphasizes the importance of planning ahead to every client and hopes that their work to develop exit strategies for clients will encourage more business owners to come to them in search of ways to plan for the future. International Acquisition Group is dedicated to seeing clients succeed in receiving what they deserve for their hard work.

In the highly competitive realm of buying and selling corporations, it is sometimes difficult to separate a particular business from the crowd and show that it is better than the rest. Providing marketing and advertising can be hard to do when there is also a need for confidentiality. International Acquisition Group has specialized for many years in walking the difficult path between these two needs.

As merger and acquisition specialists, the team at International Acquisition Group knows the need for both confidentiality and notability when the time comes to take a business into the marketplace. Over the years, International Acquisition Group has created a range of solutions to this difficult issue of advertising and marketing. International Acquisition Group provides direct communication with a wide variety of buyers and is able to suggest specific sellers and businesses to the investors looking for new opportunities.

By working with International Acquisition Group, business owners who are looking to sell can advertise to potential buyers while still keeping a tight lid on any rumors of their company being for sale in the local community. International Acquisition Group knows that it is important to maintain confidentiality while still presenting the business as a viable investment opportunity. As such, International Acquisition Group has dedicated its resources to creating ways to advertise. International Acquisition Group works closely with a variety of networking organizations to provide opportunities for buyers and sellers to communicate their interests.

Clients who have utilized International Acquisition Group’s business marketing solutions after attempting the process on their own have been pleased with the difference they have noticed. Having a company like International Acquisition Group handling much of the marketing for you makes the process much easier for business owners.

International Acquisition Group intends to continue creating new ways to market the businesses of its clients and hopes to see even greater success in the future.

Although International Acquisition Group is known for its work on behalf of buyers, finding them excellent opportunities for investment and purchases that will make them money, International Acquisition Group also focuses a great amount of resources on working to improve the market for sellers. When sellers are in power, International Acquisition Group finds that their business is much more successful, as the buyers are required to meet the terms of the sellers to convince them to part with their businesses. International Acquisition Group prides itself on the work it does on behalf of sellers and small business owners. As a member of multiple networking organizations, like the Dallas Regional Chamber, International Acquisition Group is constantly in touch with a wide variety of small business owners who are looking to make a profit by selling their organization.

One thing that sets International Acquisition Group apart from similar organizations is their dedication to fulfilling the exact requirements of each individual seller. Frequently, sellers have specific desires, such as not losing the brand name during the turnover or selling specifically to a single investor. In these cases, International Acquisition Group is able to target buyers with those particular qualities and narrow down the search for a buyer on behalf of their client. International Acquisition Group prides itself on listening to the client’s needs and responding accordingly.

Clients who have worked with International Acquisition Group to sell their businesses in the past have been extremely happy with the way the sales process has gone. International Acquisition Group’s long history in the industry, coupled with the high quality of their representatives and committed work ethic, provides sellers with a leg up in the market that often makes all the difference in the end. International Acquisition Group is dedicated to working on behalf of sellers in the marketplace.